We are Officially Authorised Distributors/Resellers of Top Brands of USA and UK.

In todays market, 90% of supplement are either fake, re-expiried or grey market. This puts a great risk on the consumers health in terms of liver, kidney or hormonal malfunction.

Biggest mistake people do while buying a product is SEAL of OFFICIAL IMPORTER and a GST BILL. To save money people don’t ask for bill and land up buying fake product and blames the supplement market.

We at Nutrition Seven are dedicated in improving your health and help achieve your goal by providing Ofiicial Versions of Imported Supplement with Importers listed as in the Official Brand Website. ( Click here for list of official importers )

We get our stocks directly from Official Importers which are listed with International Brands and do not have any 3rd party interference. Hence, the quality and authenticity is tightly checked.

We bring you a combination of Authentic Product with Professional Consuling to help you improve your overall performance.

Our Channel NUTRITION SEVEN on youtube is our effort towards bring knowledge to people who search for it, free of cost.

Our Team

Nishat Gupta, Owner

Chartered Accountant

Training Exp of over 15 years

Certified Fitness Expert, American Council on Exercise ( ACE 2013 )


We have dedicated staff for GST and Stock Management to cover all legal issues and stock queries attracted by our typeof business. No customer is allowed to leave without the bill and stock is rechecked 2 times before dispatching.